What will the project deliver?

    Airside Outputs:

    • Lengthened main runway by 120 meters to 1644 metres
    • Grooving of runway
    • Heavy Aircraft Apron
    • New lighting to include three new floodlight towers, seven new floodlights and fifteen taxiway centre lights
    • New edging and turning node at runway extension
    • Recalibrated GPS approach

    Landside Outputs

    • Extended and upgraded terminal building
    • 20kwh solar system
    • Covered passenger drop off zone
    • New road pavement
    • New paving
    • Modified signage
    • Landscaping
    • Security Fencing
    • External Lighting

    What are the benefits of this project going ahead?

    • An opportunity to cater for larger aircraft and future air freight
    • A catalyst to unlock the potential of the Limestone Coast Region
    • Critical air transport infrastructure for emergency services
    • Transport efficiencies
    • Economic growth through tourism markets

    Lead contractors for the project?

    Ashley Halliday Architects

    Heenan Earthworks

    Kennett Builders